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First, let me draw your attention to the symbol here of this page. The SGPA stands for the Southern Gospel Promoters Association. Let me share with you what the SGPA is, why it was needed, and how it started.

​by Harold Marshall

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Paul Belcher
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Paul Pitts

Membership Chairman
Global Promotions 
P. O Box 159 
Duncan, S. C. 29334

866-991-3750 Ofc and Fax

If you are a promoter and are interested in becoming a member of the Southern Gospel Promoters Association, we invite you to contact Paul Pitts, Membership Chairman, at the above telephone number, address, or email address. We will gladly furnish you with a brochure which shows your benefits as a member.

Annual Dues are $150.00 per membership for (2) persons, and are due by August 1st of each year.  New members are able to join at any time.

We appreciate your interest in the Southern Gospel Promoters Association.

David Hancock

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As President of the Southern Gospel Promoters Association, I was approached by a member of our organization regarding the need of financial help for Libbi Perry Stuffle. Please consider making a donation on the GoFundMe link below and also sharing this post as much as you can to spread the word. Every donation will go directly to Libbi to help offset the medical and funeral expenses incurred over the past five years for Tracy's care. When making your donation - there is a place for a Voluntary "tip" to "GoFundMe". If you do not wish to "tip" GoFundMe, you can change the drop down box to "Other" - and then put a zero in the box with the dollar sign.


Our History

The Southern Gospel Promoters Association was organized to help, encourage and provide information to all member Concert Promoters and work as a unified body to make a greater success of the concert arena. The organization is a working and welcome part in Southern Gospel Music, along with the many other different and effective industry associations.

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